What is NYO3

The pure krill oil is sweeping over Nordic as a kind of perfect Omega-3 origin.

Nordic, is commonly referred to Scandinavia.

Nordic is one of the regions which are of high health index in the world. Because of the high latitude and the historical and human environments, the Nordics pay more attentions to ‘Nature’and ‘Balance’and therefore used to take seasonal foods which are commonly acknowledged as no additive added. What’s more,  research have shown that one of the reasons why the Nordics are healthier than others is that they are taking proper Omega-3s, coming from the fish,shrimp and related nutrition products in extremely cold and clean waters, such as NYO3 Krill Oil.

Now, the naturally pure and sustainable lifestyle of Nordic has already become the favourite among nutritionist and been approved by the W.H.O.

NYO3 , Two Core Technology Patents
“By continually pushing the envelope with unparalleled krill harvesting techniques, product development experience, Flexitech extraction technology, and scientific work, the company's products will continue to stand out in the marketplace.”
—— Aker BioMarine CEO Matts Johansen.

One of the most important features of Eco-Harvesting™ technology is that fishing boats can stay in the Antarctic seas during the whole catching season. Another feature is that the fresh live krill could be brought onboard by hose gently for processing, in avoid of bycatch. With these two features, enzyme degradation in krill could be avoided and key nutrition could be reserved so as to achieve the excellent quality of products.


The fresh live krill are processed on catching boats as soon as they have been caught. After removing the water which consists 85% of krill and pressing into coarse powder, the krill oil can be extracted through alcohol and then alcohol removed, and finally the krill oil will be purified with several processes. In order to insure that the products are natural and pure, other than alcohol no chemical substance or organic solvents are used during the above whole manufacturing process.

NYO3 , Full Traceability
100% Sustainability | 100% Complete Traceability  | 100% Clean Sources
From fishing to production, the whole process can be traced back.
Fishing in Antarctic Sea Area ECO-Harvesting
Shipboard GMP Processing Plant
On board quality inspection
of frozen krill powder
Transport to onshore
GMP plant